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Victoria Jorgensen
There are several types of women. Some have personality traits that send up red flags. Here are a few examples...
Running Time - 9:51
Available on Beta, VHS, DVD, MiniDV
Copyright © December 2003 USA
Original language - English
Red Flag Women Production Credits
Director/Producer - Victoria Jorgensen
Asst. Director - Abbie Bolek
Screenplay - Victoria Jorgensen
DP/Sound Recordist - Mic Knight
Editor/Soundtrack/Graphic Design - Sandra Brogioni (Sao Paulo Brazil)
Choreographer - Luisa Meshekoff
Graphic Design - Karen McKitchen
Food & Wine Woman - Maureen Ayral
Martyr Woman - Luisa Meshekoff
WDYWTD Women - Holly “Hobbes” Webster & Heather Broedesser
Beautiful Woman - Shara Barnard
Seated Woman - Sherry Trunzo
Quick Woman - Mary Geraci
Surrender Woman - Patricia Webb
Email Woman - Katie Scott
Airport Woman - Ruth Slotnik
Worldwide Woman - Victoria Jorgensen